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Snipergewehre - Battlefield 4

Sniper Rifles are one of eight firearm categories in Battlefield 4. All the weapons in the game are from the three factions (USA, Russia, China), but any can

Snipergewehre - Battlefield 4

26 Nov 2018 Here are our choices for the best sniper rifle in Battlefield V. Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk 1. The first sniper you get, the Lee Enfield No. 4 is probably the  Battlefield 4 - Sniper Sunday SRR-61 Intervention Best Sniper Rifle? Hey guys today we have an episode of Sniper Sunday where I will be discussing my  13 Dec 2017 'Don't come here unless you are prepared': U.S. Army Sniper School sets Candidates observed battlefield information and countered sniper "All of the instructors are driven to train you to be the best sniper you can be. 7 Feb 2015 The M95 has a longer distance before damage drop-off starts to occur, which makes it best suited for getting mid-range body shots. Honestly  3 Nov 2016 This sniper rifle is capable of firing 52 shots per minute. Martini Henry: Customised for medium-range shot kills, the Martini Henry sniper rifle's  I've used each of the rifles for long periods and i can't really decide if any one rifle is better than the others overall. What do you prefer? Add Reply.

r/battlefield_4 - Best sniper weapon/attachments? I … By far the best way to get kills with a sniper is on rush. The SRR-61 is the easiest sniper to use because of its high bullet velocity and low bullet drop. Sniping hasn't really changed since BF3 so just use the same mindset as BF3. In one of Matimi0's videos, he said that the vapor trail of the bullet was throwing him off. This might be the case for you and you just have to ignore the vapor Bf4 best sniper rifle ? — Battlefield Forums 10/08/2016 · Bf4 best sniper rifle ? 22 posts Member, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, CTE, BF1IncursionsAlpha Member. July 24, 2016 5:07AM. My favorite is the 338 recon. My longest headshot with it is 1491m. It is a very stable gun when firing without the bipod and is accurate. 0. DarsDaKing . 2 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline Best sniper? : battlefield_4 - reddit

Top 10 Best Sniper Games in 2019 for PC, PS4 ... - … Best Sniper Games 2019 Edition #1. Ghost Warrior2. It offers an exciting gameplay, enhanced shooting mechanics, fantastic 3D Graphics, Motion Sense Trigger System etc. this game will allow players to decide how to conduct missions, modify weapons, decide side missions or war crimes to invest time and effort. It also deals with dynamic weather, a day-night cycle, wind direction, and distance. Sniper Rifle | Battlefield Wiki | Fandom See Designated Marksman Rifle for DMRs in Battlefield 4. The M95 bolt-action sniper rifle in reality. A sniper rifle is a type of long rifle which is designed to engage targets at extreme distances. Most sniper rifles make use of high-caliber ammunition, although this is not necessarily the case, and are typically designed to allow the user to make high-precision shots.

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Montage Battlefield 4 Sniper by Ascend Battlefield - Vidéo ... 15/01/2017 · Battlefield 4 Montage Sniper Affection by Ascend Battlefield (6) RaZoD. 2:54. Montage Battlefield 1 Sniper by Ascend Dazs. RaZoD. 4:33. Battlefield 3 Sniper Montage: Warrior's Lullabye - Best BF3 Sniper Montage Ever? MongolFPS. 1:26. Battlefield 3 Montages - Battlefield 3 Montages - Sniper Kill Montage. ImAnderZEL. 1:59 . Extinction - Epic Battlefield 3 Sniper Montage MongolFPS Edited by … Eagle's Nest - Battlefield 4 Wiki Guide - IGN 1 sniper rifle ribbon; Once you made your 5 kills you say "Fuck you!" to that tower and everybody on it. Go somewhere with a good view on the tower, bring your favorite sniper rifle and shoot How to be the best scout sniper in Battlefield 1 | … How to be the best scout sniper in Battlefield 1 How do I play as a sniper in Battlefield 1? Cale Hunt . 5 Nov 2016 13 Playing as a scout in Battlefield games can lead your team to either hate you

Snipergewehre - Battlefield 4

Montage Battlefield 4 Sniper by Ascend Battlefield - Vidéo ...

27/12/2013 · I was just wondering what you guys think is the best sniper rifle in the game (bolt-action). I'm not looking for stats or anything, just opinions, and just overall, not necessarily in one specific area of the gun. Keep in mind, just opinions so no need to argue and it doesn't have to be the best stat-wise.

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